Q Squared Ltd.


Q Squared Ltd.




We provide consulting services for Quality, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment through our network of qualified and experienced professionals who have the competence to build your “QHSSE” culture and provide appropriate interpretation and implementation to satisfy the requirements of the standard.

Services include Gap Analyses, Development, Implementation and Certification of the management systems as well as Auditing and Process Improvement.

ISO, MLC, STOW & CEC Certifications 

We partner with reputable certification bodies to select the best options that fits the needs and budget of your organisation and with whom you can build a sustainable relationship with. 



Q Squared has partnered with companies to provide solutions to a wide spectrum of users.

These solutions range from high end to affordable and provide a range of services that support the effectiveness and efficiency of your management system with reduced man-hours.

Standard as well as fully customisable modules are available and we will work with you to ensure that you make the best choice to suit your needs.


We provide training that supports the implementation of Client's Management System as well as specialised training tailored to the needs of our clients that ensure that learning objectives are achieved and trainee competence is improved.

We can develop and deliver personalised training sessions in person or via or Learning Management System where employees can easily log in and complete their training at their own pace. 


We focus on continuous improvement and sustainability

A well created and implemented management system brings immense rewards and adds to the efficiency and profitability of your organisation.


So many companies implement systems and do not use the real power contained within them to improve their business and ensure systainability.

(Yes, you read correctly! Systainability is our word for sustainability that your management system brings to your organisation.)