Q Squared Ltd offers personalised attention to clients and customised solutions to foster growth and sustainability within your organisation. Our customers are at the heart of our existence and it is why we were created...


We are all unique and have special talents. We believe that it is our uniqueness and diversity that makes us formidable. QSL insists that each employee , partner, supplier and client is treated with the same respect that you would treat the CEO. Everybody regardless of race, status, disability, education, sexual orientation and other differences are important and can contribute positively to the organisation and society and it is our duty to ensure that the appropriate environment is provided.


We aim to provide clients with value for their money and we believe that we should lead by example. We value our time and our client’s time and we seek to ensure that all efforts are valuable.


We believe that our Clients, Partners and Employees must trust us and we must be able to trust them. We have each other’s back at all times and help each other to become better.


QSL believes that honesty, trust and respect go hand in hand. We take these very seriously. Whether there is good news or bad news we promise to tell our clients and those we work with the truth and expect the same from them.